Disney Love: An Introduction

It's no secret that I love Disney.  But what might be a secret is that my love of Disney is directly tied to my love for my hubby!  :)  Before I met Carlos, Disney was not on my radar.  I had gone as a child, and I liked Disney movies (Beauty and the Beast in particular), but that was about it.

Enter Carlos.

He is a true Disney fanatic, he's a former "cast-member" of Walt Disney World and knows ALL the ins and outs of Disneyworld.  He totally geeks out on the stuff, the trivia, the history, and the culture.
We went a handful of times during the 2 years we lived in Central Florida, but it wasn't until we moved to Georgia and started going back as "tourists" that I really fell in love with Disneyworld!  It was my connection to Florida as well as our fun getaway place.

2007 - pre-kids at Animal Kingdom

Fast forward 10 years and now I too, am a full-fledged Disney fanatic --> I'm a part of Disney community facebook groups, follow a lot of Disney-related instagram accounts, and I am always planning our next trip to the parks!

10 years later - 2017

Life looks a lot different than it did way back when we carelessly skipped through the parks without a stroller or a care in the world, but I wouldn't have it any other way - and I certainly wouldn't want to do it with anyone else! 💕


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