Thankfulness from A-Z

Over on our facebook page, we have started a 21 day Gratitude Challenge, and today's challenge was a fun one - list what you are thankful for from A-Z.  I enjoyed this task - it reminded me of playing Scattergories, which was one of my favorite games growing up.  (My aunt and I played it before it was a real game - I'm pretty sure she came up with the concept before the Parker Brothers!)

So I posted my actual list on instagram, but I thought I would elaborate a bit on it here.

A - I am thankful for adventures.  While I don't consider myself to be an adventurous person, I enjoy going new places and doing new things.

B - As a Library Lady, I am thankful for books!  That is a given.  Especially young adult books!  I am also thankful for blue skies and bacon (but it must be crispy!)

C - I am thankful for my children - CastiƩl and Camila, for my husband, Carlos, and also chocolate and coffee!!

D - This one was easy.  I'm thankful for Disney - for the fun times we have there, the memories we have made, and the traditions that Disneyworld is a part of for our family!

E - As an educator I would be remiss to leave out education.  I'm thankful for my own education, the opportunities for education that my children have, and for public education in general.  I am thankful for the Earth - I have never much been into astronomy or geology, but my son is, and learning about our planet and its place in the solar system has been amazing to learn - especially through a child's eyes.  Also, because it is our favorite place on Earth to go -- Epcot!

F - Definitely family and friends, which encompasses so many people.  And also fluffy clouds (in a blue sky!)

G - I am thankful for God's grace - which I depend on daily - as well as games!  I especially love playing games with my kids - I just taught my son to play Hangman last night!

H - I am thankful for my home - it is a warm, safe place to love my family.  I am also thankful for hope - hope in Christ, hope for the future, and hope that one day I will get my life organized!  :)

I - ICE - especially the "good ice" - crunchy or shaved ice!  And instruments - I grew up learning how to play the piano, my husband plays the piano and drums, and my kids love any and all instruments!

J - My job, jazz, and Jesus -  not necessarily in that order.  I am one of those people who love their job.  I love the people I work with and the work I get to do.  While I wish it started later (see letter "S" below), it is nearly the perfect job for me.  I like a lot of different kinds of music, but jazz is one of my favorites.  And Jesus. Because Grace.

K - Knowledge and kindness.  I have always valued knowledge - maybe more than I should - I'm now trying to work wisdom in a bit more!  And kindness received is one of the best blessings in life!

L - Laughter and love - I have been blessed to have loving parents, I am in a loving marriage (filled with much laughter) and I have a strong support system of people who love me.  I have many memories filled with laughter, and I'm working towards spending more time laughing and less time complaining - laughter is too good to sacrifice for something so silly!

M - Marriage and music.  While marriage can be hard, it is also wonderful, and I am thankful for it - and for my partner in it!  Music - I love listening to it and dancing to it - I love hearing my husband play it, and my kids learning to love it!

N - Naps - I love naps.  I don't get to take them much anymore, mostly because I really need about 2 hours for a really satisfying nap.  I also am thankful for nature - and thankful that I can mostly enjoy it from the inside.  :)

O - Opportunities - I am aware that I have more opportunities than many people have, and I am thankful for those opportunities (including the opportunity to speak out against that disparity).  And  Orlando - because my heart feels truly at home there.  And because Disney, duh!

P - Provisions, playgrounds, pizza.  Provision - God's provision - while I may not have everything I want, I definitely have everything I need (plus a whole lot!)  From food, to clothes, to shelter, to friends - God has provided us with so much to be thankful for!  Pizza is one of those provisions I am most thankful for - it is a great meal - quick, filling, hearty, and for me, the ultimate comfort food.  I am also thankful for playgrounds - those at fast food restaurants, those at parks, and the one in my own backyard that my husband built.  The joy that my kids get from playgrounds makes all the stickiness, dirt, and sweat worth every moment!

Q - Quiet time, quotes - for as long as I can remember I have loved quotes.  Inspirational quotes, quotes from books, quotes from famous people.  That is why I share quotes so often!

R - Reading - it's my favorite way to relax, and I also am thankful for the opportunity to read with my kids and teach them a love of reading!

S - Social media, sunsets, salvation, sunshine, and sleep.  Social media sometimes gets a bad rap, but I enjoy being able to keep in touch with people from lots of different phases of my life - some great friendships have been made and built completely on social media - and those are friendships I wouldn't be blessed with otherwise!

T - Teachers - specifically the teachers in my children's lives.  They have been blessed to have teachers who truly care about them, and for that I am so thankful!

U - Umbrellas  - and other useful items that get taken for granted until you need them and don't have them!

V - Vacations and Vehicles (which take us on vacation - as well as everywhere else we want to go!)

W - Water, warmth, words of affirmation - all of these things bring life to my body and soul!

X - 

Y - The color yellow, Yehaa Bob (a must-see at Disneyworld!)

Z - Zoos - because my girl loves animals so much!  Our favorite is the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida.

This is not a comprehensive list, but a good representation of what I'm thankful for!  Make your own list - you might be surprised at how much you come up with!!!  And let me know if you come up with some great options for the letter X!!!!


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