Here's how not to be a hot mess

Well, maybe not a definitive guide, but these 10 tips have helped me feel more organized and "together" in my life!

  1. Make bed - This one is easy.  It makes you feel like you have started your day off with an accomplishment, and every time you go into your room, it will make you feel good to see the bed made.  Don't believe me?  Try it!
  2. Pick out clothes the night before - I do this for myself and my children.  It makes the morning so much easier - everything is ironed (haha - just kidding, who irons?!?), laid out, and ready to put on.  Nothing is missing in the morning and there are no emergencies.
  3. Prepare coffee the night before - Want to feel like a hero in the morning?  Prepare your coffee in the coffeemaker the night before and just push the button in the morning.  Or get a fancy-pants coffee maker that you can schedule to start 5 minutes before you get up! 
  4. Get up before your kids - This one is not easy - and while I am able to accomplish it during the week, I have not succeeded in doing it on the weekends.  However, it makes the day go so much better when I have had time to wake up, breathe, drink coffee, and have my quiet time before the kids (and hubby) get up!  Whether it's a devotional time, exercise, or just enjoying the peace and quiet, you need to make sure you get that done before other people in the house are awake!! 
  5. Make to do lists / brain dump on paper - I love to do lists - and I have several going at once (one of my goals is to create a central place for lists) - but even if I lose the list, just the process of getting everything down on paper helps decrease the mental clutter.  If I have a lot of things on my mind, I do a brain dump and just get it all down on paper (or in an app such as Google Keep or the Notes in your phone) and then I feel like I have room to think about other things.  
  6. Make sure to take care of yourself - Self-care is no joke.  You need to find a few things that you enjoy and that help you relax or recharge your batteries and then schedule them into your day!!  You can't pour from an empty cup, and you will feel much better when you take care of yourself.  
  7. Don't put off easy things - I am notorious for procrastination - usually for no reason.  For example, I can pass by something that needs to be put away 100 times when it would take no more than 5 seconds to just put it away.  If you see something that needs to be done, think "Can I get this accomplished right now easily?" and if the answer is yes just do it and get it over with!  
  8. Drink water - I don't know - I just feel like this needs to be on every list for everything.  Water is magic - it helps your brain, your skin, your organs, and everything else.  I know I need to drink more water, and you probably do too!
  9. Use Google to help you organize things - I recently wrote a post about this, but use the resources available to you with technology - Google has great (free!) resources to help keep you organized - my favorites are Google Calendar and Google Keep.  
  10. Know what matters to you - This tip is a bit more philosophical, but it is important.  Know your core values (no more than 4 or 5) and build your life around them - that means your time, your money, and your resources.  Protect those values and say no to things that don't contribute to them.  I wrote a little about that here, and will probably explore the topic more later because it has been so eye-opening for me!  

So there you go, 10 simple steps you can begin implementing TODAY to be less of a "hot mess" and feel like you have your life together!  :) 


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