Organizing your life with Google

Confession: I am a digital hoarder. I have files saved EVERYWHERE with no rhyme or reason! This is definitely something I am working on. I know what I SHOULD do, but this is a time consuming task if your digital life is a hot mess like mine is!!!  

I am SLOWLY but surely organizing my life with Google apps.  For those with Android devices, this is done for you automatically; however, as an iPhone user, I like Google for several reasons:  
1) It's free, 2) It's accessible on all my computers (PC and Mac) as well as my phone (even though it's an iPhone), and 3) It's user friendly. 

So, what Google apps do I use to organize my life?  

Google Calendar

    • While I also use a paper planner (I have to have the pen/paper), our family depends on the Google calendar to keep us all in sync.  If I tell my husband (an staunch Android user) about an appointment his first question is always "Is it on Google calendar?"  This keeps us both on track and keeps us from overbooking our family.  Bonus?  If you put in the address of an appointment you can click to directions straight from the calendar.  You can also create multiple calendars.  This is nice if you don't need to share every single appointment (like work-related events) with the family calendar.  
  • Google Drive
    • I LOVE Google drive.  It's like Pinterest for files.  :)  I like that I can access documents wherever I am, and easily share them with others.  I pretty much only use Google docs and sheets, but it is so handy to use with ongoing data and files that I want easy access to. 
  • Google Contacts
    • This is kind of a no brainer - gone are the days of the handwritten address book - I find that Google contacts is an easy way to keep up with all of the contacts I need, even labeling them in specific categories.  
  • Gmail
    • If you don't have another personal email account, gmail is a great one - user friendly and easy to keep organized.  If you do, you can use your gmail account for "junk" accounts.  You know, when you sign up for something online and have to put in your email address to get access to it?  Then you just have to occasionally just go clean out your gmail.  
  • Google Keep
    • I am just starting to use Google Keep.  I was a huge user of Evernote - and then they started charging for even the most basic account.  I tend to have notes everywhere - on my phone notes, on paper, etc.  Things saved here, there, and everywhere!  I am working on using Google Keep to centralize and organize all of that digital "stuff."
What Google apps do you use for organization?


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