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Organizing your life with Google

Confession: I am a digital hoarder. I have files saved EVERYWHERE with no rhyme or reason! This is definitely something I am working on. I know what I SHOULD do, but this is a time consuming task if your digital life is a hot mess like mine is!!!  

I am SLOWLY but surely organizing my life with Google apps.  For those with Android devices, this is done for you automatically; however, as an iPhone user, I like Google for several reasons:  
1) It's free, 2) It's accessible on all my computers (PC and Mac) as well as my phone (even though it's an iPhone), and 3) It's user friendly. 

So, what Google apps do I use to organize my life?  

Google Calendar

While I also use a paper planner (I have to have the pen/paper), our family depends on the Google calendar to keep us all in sync.  If I tell my husband (an staunch Android user) about an appointment his first question is always "Is it on Google calendar?"  This keeps us both on track and keeps us from overbooking our fa…

Road Trip Tips

I LOVE to travel!  However, for most of my life, the fun was all about the destination!  In the past 10 years or so, I have learned (thanks to my much more laid-back hubby!) to truly enjoy the journey!  So now, traveling is not only about the destination, but about the entire trip from beginning to end!  
At this point in our lives, our main mode of travel is by car - we have 2 small kids and we haven't braved the airport with them, so for us it is all about the road trip!!!  
We take trips several times a year and so, while I am no expert, here are my 8 Road Trip tips!   Clean out your car before you pack it. Get all of the snack crumbs out of the seats so you have room for new snack crumbs!  :)  Related to #1, pack snacks!  You don't want to be completely dependent on restaurants or convenience stores for eating, as they might not show up when you are hungry!  Especially if you have kids, snacks = silence!  Pack the snacks you normally eat, along with a few treats from the &…