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Too Much

So today I started thinking about all of the things I have to complain about:
Too much laundryToo much to clean Too much stuff and not enough storage Too much to do 
And then I realized, am I really going to complain about having TOO MUCH???!? How ridiculous to complain rather than count my blessings! 
So here I go: I have enough clothes for myself and my family.I have a house that keeps us safe and provides a place of rest and comfort. I have what I need to meet my needs. I have a full life of family, friends, and work.  I feel ashamed as I realize that there are so many people who would love to have the things that I complain about. 
Now, I must go put away some laundry. 😊

Teacher versus Parent

I have been a public school teacher for over 15 years.  This past year was the first year I was a parent of a public school student.  I really thought that all my experience as a teacher would prepare me for Kindergarten.  I had a lot of expectations (some that I realize now were unrealistic and even a little silly) and the reality was far different.

Kindergarten was a tough year for us.  We had to fight for a lot of things that we felt Castiél needed.  I didn't enjoy that process, and seeing "school" from that side of the table has really changed my viewpoint and my interactions with parents.  Also, I have finally realized that when I put my child into school, I had all of the expectations and baggage from my own schooling.  I was always a people pleaser - I wanted the teacher to like me, and I was usually (but not always) the "teacher's pet."  I guess I wanted to be the teacher's favorite as a parent too.  That's the completely silly and unrealis…

Checking off the list: Chop Chop

As the days tick forward toward my 40th birthday (1.5 years away), I am working on checking off the list of my 40 before 40 bucket list items!

One thing I wanted to do was donate my hair.  I had wanted to at one extreme haircut, but because my hair was layered it wasn't long enough to donate.  The high school where I work hosts a hair drive for Pantene Beautiful Lengths every year.  So a little more than a year ago I decided I would grow my hair out to donate.  I loved my long hair, but the short 'do is great for summer, and guess what?  Hair grows!  :)  I'll have long hair again before you know it!