What now?

I did not vote for Trump.  However, as has been pointed out a million times on social media, he is my President.  I cannot put my head in the sand and pretend otherwise.

Some of you reading this did vote for Trump, and you are thrilled that he is your President.  However, you also cannot put your head in the sand.

Here is a list of things that (in my opinion) we all need to do now that Trump is President (by the way, this list applies no matter who is President).

  • Pray for the President.  And Congressmen.  And Governors.  And your own City Councilmen.  Throw in the local School Board while you are at it.  And if you are making a list, add me.  I can always use the prayer. 
  • Pay attention. 
    • Know what laws are being passed and what is happening in Washington DC.  Stick to your beliefs.  If you were bothered by how many Executive Orders President Obama signed, keep up with how many President Trump signs.  If you were appalled by Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, make sure none of Trump's staff does the same.  
    • If you didn't vote for Trump, don't just ignore everything that is happening that you disagree with because that is easier.  Pay attention.
    • If you did vote for Trump, don't just ignore everything because you think you will agree with everything that happens now.  Pay attention.  If something happens that you disagree with, you have the right to disagree, even if you voted for him.  
    • If you didn't vote at all, you can still pay attention. It's not too late for you to be involved. 
    • Read news.  And not just from one source.  We are in the information age, and you should not be getting your news from articles shared on facebook - regardless of your affiliation.  Below is a chart to give you an idea of where to get some news from.  If you normally get your news from one side or the other, choose one in the middle (even if you think it is "biased")  And it might not be a bad idea to read some news from the opposite side. AllSides  is a great resource that lists news articles as right, left, or center.

  • Pick your top 3 issues. 
    • It's impossible (or exhausting) to keep up with every single thing happening in Washington DC and in your state legislature.  Pick your top 3 issues and focus on them.  
    • For me, it is Education, Immigration, and Healthcare.  Your issues may be different.  Our views on the issues may be different.  It doesn't matter whether you agree with me or not, know what issues are important to you and keep up with what is happening in those areas. 
  • Make your voice heard. 
    • Call your Senators and Representatives.  Email them.  Send them a postcard.  
    • Find your Senators here:  https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/
    • Find your Representative here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/  
    • Make sure you know what is happening at your state level and even local level.  You don't have to be "into politics" to know what is happening in your community.  
    • With a few google searches you can find out how your elected officials voted on legislation.  
  • Look for ways you can make a difference in your own community. 
    • Volunteer with causes that matter to you - whether that is at a homeless shelter, a pet shelter, or at a school.  You can make the biggest difference closest to home.  So look at your top 3 issues, and figure out ways you can plug into your own community in those areas.  
  • Be kind.  
    • Be kind to people you see every day. 
    • Be kind on social media. 
    • Be kind to your family. 
    • Be kind to people you don't like. 
    • Be kind to people who voted differently than you did. 
    • Just be kind.  


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