What I Wore Wednesday - I'm back

So once upon a time I participated in the blog link-up and and online phenomenon known as "What I Wore Wednesday" - it was a fun way to look at what I wore and strive to look my best.

Then I had kids . . . .

And I was lucky if I wore my hair out of a ponytail or even matched.  I still worked full time, but the focus was most certainly not on me or what I was wearing.  Now my babies are a bit older, and I have a bit more time to do things like shower, fix my hair, and iron some clothes.

Also, even though I'm nearing 40, I'm finding that I'm going through a style renaissance, and that I'm starting to really find my style - -and not feel like I have to wear a style just because it's the current fad.  Seriously, peer pressure in my 30s?  Over it.

Due to being on Christmas break most of last week, I don't have many pics.  Because there were several days (in a row) that I didn't get out of pajamas.  No shame.

Thursday, 12/29
Christmas Break and I want to be comfortable
Lularoe leggings (black) - and a link to my fave LLR gal!
Shirt - Old Navy, personalized to show off my excitement about Lash Boost! 
Scarf - handmade by Jennifer of Naked No More
Shoes - Champion black flats - comfy and cheap!  Payless for the win!

Friday night, 12/30
Team Jam End of the Year Celebration!
Friday night, my R+F team got together to celebrate 2016 and plan for 2017!
Great night with great friends, and and excuse to put on clothes!
Sweater:  Target 
Skirt:  Pleated navy skirt from IDK where - but I wish I had one in a dozen colors! 
(Don't you hate it when you figure out you love something 
and you can't go back and buy a bunch more?)
Boots: Belk
Necklace and earrings:  a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle
Coat:  Vintage - was my grandmother's 

 Monday 1/2
Rain, Rain, and MORE Rain!
Shirt:  Lularoe Irma (tied on the inside with a hair tie)
Jeans: Juicy Couture
Rainboots: Target (LOVE THEM!)
Raincoat: I don't know, but it's yellow, so I love it. 

Tuesday, 1/3
First day back to work
Disneybounding as Gaston just for fun
Sweater: Target
Jeans: Juicy Couture

Final Thoughts:  
  • I really like wearing yellow.
  • I'm kind of awkward posing for these pics.  
  • One thing I like about Disneybound is that it encourages me to wear things in different ways than I normally would - instant variety!  
  • Target is a good place to get sweaters.
  • Christmas tree is up because it's still Christmas at our house until Three Kings Day (1/6)  
  • Linking to The Pleated Poppy!  


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