2017 Word: Present

I'm not one for making resolutions, because once you fail at them it's easy to quit and just give up altogether.  However, I do like the idea of choosing a word for the year.  I have to admit, I've done this before as well and haven't exactly followed through.  Last year, I chose the word Give, and although I didn't blog about it, I did keep that word in focus throughout the year.  In 2014, I chose the word Cultivate, and while I had good intentions, I had a baby mid-year and then I was just in survival mode - no time to cultivate anything!  In 2011, the year I became a mother, I chose the word Nurture.

So this year, I have decided to spend the year prioritizing my passions, and the best way I can think of to do that is to be PRESENT.  I have to admit that I multi-task far more than I should.  Also, I spend far too much of my attention on my phone.  While social media allows me to connect with people, my focus should be on the people who are actually in front of me.  So my goal is to work on being present in the moment - whether that is loading the dishwasher, reading to my kids, or riding to the store with my husband.  By looking at my phone I am missing the moments that are right in front of me!  My husband often (lovingly) chastises me to put my phone down, and when he does, I find myself getting defensive, but he is 100% right.  When I actually look at my priorities, Facebook does not even make the top 10.  It's a tough realization, but if I want my children to spend more time reading books than they spend on devices, they need to see ME reading more than I am on my devices.  And that is just one example of many of why it is so important that I become more present.

The first step will be to put my phone completely away for much of the time; however, I am aware that through this year, there will be much more that I can learn about practicing mindfulness and living in the moment.

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” ~Amit Ray


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