The Refugee Crisis: How you can make a difference

Imagine this:  Your town is in shambles due to war and fighting.  Schools and hospitals are routinely attacked and your kids can't sleep at night due to the nightmares they have.  Your husband didn't come home one day, and you were told that he was arrested, but no one knows anything more than that.  One day it gets to be too much and you gather what material possessions you can, take your children and leave.  You don't know where you are going, but you know you can't stay here and survive.

You go to a refugee camp where there is shelter and some food assistance, but you still are financially responsible for some things, and there isn't work for you to do.  You hear of a better place somewhere else.  You still haven't heard about your husband.  You have no idea if he is even still alive.  Do you stay where you are?  Do you move on to somewhere that might have more opportunities?

Millions of refugees are faced with these questions every day.

I have partnered with the organization Humanwire, which works to match donors to specific refugee  families living in Lebanon and Turkey.  The first thing I chose to do was to utilize their Direct Delivery Go! option to send needed items to a family.  I chose a family, chose items, and donated.  I received an email that the family I had chosen had moved from the camp and Humanwire gave me the option to choose another family or to get a refund.  I chose another family.  This time the family was still there and I received a picture back from the delivery.   These girls are named Balkis and Shahed and can still be sponsored by going here.

My next step was to lead a campaign for a family.  Leading a campaign allows me to have personal contact with the family while fundraising on their behalf for their needs.  I chose a family, but, for better or for worse, this family had also chosen to move on from this area.  I am beginning to understand how difficult it must be for a refugee family - nowhere to call home, and not sure where would be the best place for their family.  The first family I chose had a little girl named Aya - although I am not able to support her through monetary donations, I can certainly still pray for her and her family.  Please join me in praying for protection, safety, and opportunity for her family.  

So where does that leave me now?  I have transferred my campaign to Alma's family.  She is 6 years old and has a 5 year old brother named Bilal.  They live with their mother Amani in Lebanon.  Like the story I told above, Amani has no idea where her husband is, or if he is safe.  She fled Syria in 2013.  

My campaign is to raise money for the family's needs.  They need a washing machine, a refrigerator, money to pay their debt, and winter clothes.  Alma would also like a computer and Bilal would like a bicycle.  You can contribute to the campaign and I will distribute the money for these specific items. By contributing just $15 you will be provided with a local address to send food, clothes, school supplies and letters of support directly to the family’s door.  Donating $45 will also allow you to schedule a 30 minute one-to-one live video chat. An Arabic translator will be provided for French or English.  

You also can purchase specific food and clothing items through the Go! delivery option.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.  


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