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The Refugee Crisis: How you can make a difference

Imagine this:  Your town is in shambles due to war and fighting.  Schools and hospitals are routinely attacked and your kids can't sleep at night due to the nightmares they have.  Your husband didn't come home one day, and you were told that he was arrested, but no one knows anything more than that.  One day it gets to be too much and you gather what material possessions you can, take your children and leave.  You don't know where you are going, but you know you can't stay here and survive.

You go to a refugee camp where there is shelter and some food assistance, but you still are financially responsible for some things, and there isn't work for you to do.  You hear of a better place somewhere else.  You still haven't heard about your husband.  You have no idea if he is even still alive.  Do you stay where you are?  Do you move on to somewhere that might have more opportunities?

Millions of refugees are faced with these questions every day.

I have partnered …