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Romantic getaway

One of the items on my 40 before 40 list was to go on a romantic getaway with Carlos.  It had been over 5 years since we have been anywhere by ourselves - once kids came, romantic getaways became family vacations.  While we love family vacations (like, a LOT), it was time to get away by ourselves.

So we took advantage of Dapper Day at Epcot and headed to Orlando for the weekend.  The kids went to the grandparents, and they didn't ask about us once that weekend.  (I'm still not sure how I feel about that!)

We had a WONDERFUL weekend - we went out for dinner and enjoyed our food - while it was hot!  We dressed up and pranced around Epcot like carefree teenagers with NO STROLLER!  I definitely don't want to wait 5 more years before getting away by ourselves again!


Today is #givingtuesday and it is a breath of fresh air after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

One of my favorite parts of my Rodan + Fields business is the opportunity it has given to me to give back in much bigger ways than I was able to before.  I am blessed to be a part of a team who has giving as one of its core values.  Check out this video below which tells you a bit more.

I spent this past year seeking out organizations to give to, and through this time, I have found several organizations that I am proud to have supported and I want to share them with you.  When I began this giving journey, I was looking for one cause to champion and support, and what I found was several that caught my heart.


Humanwire provides support to refugees living in refugee camps - mainly in Lebanon and Turkey, and you are able to connect to a specific family and track your donations.  I was able to choose a family, choose food items to send them, and then I received back pictures of them wit…

Joy in the Journey

I have a confession:  I have ALWAYS hated the phrase "Bloom where you're planted."  I mean REALLY hated it.  Possibly because I have always had some issues with contentment.  I remember my mom saying this to me and it would make me so mad!  It makes me laugh to think about that now, but I still have some difficulty with this cliche.

I currently live in my hometown of Warner Robins, Georgia.  I lived here for my entire life until I left for college.  I was adamant that I would never return to live here.  Although I enjoyed my high school days/friends, I hated this town.  It is an Air Force town, although that doesn't have anything to do with my distaste for the town.  My major issues stem from the fact that there is simply nothing to do -- no culture, no attractions (unless you count the Museum of Aviation), and pretty much no fun.  As a high school student the only place we had to hang out was Steak 'n Shake -- pretty sad.
As an adult, there is still not much to…