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What I Love

So the other day in facebook land, I joined the many who posted this status update:

ANYONE that knows me knows I love ______.
Post this as your status & see the crazy things people say you love. 
It was surprising to me some of the things that were said numerous times and the things that were NOT said.

No big surprise, Florida and Disney came up often.  I do love Florida and plan on moving back there as soon as possible!  I love Disney too - everything about it.  Carlos is a former Disney "cast-member" and loves Disney and I'm so glad this is something that he shared with me and that we now share with our kids.  What WASN'T said was that I just love travel in general.  Because I do.  I love to travel.  Right now with little kids, Florida and Disney are just easy choices for vacations.  I am looking forward to the time when we can venture a bit further from home and check off some international destinations!

The next category was food - avocados were mentioned m…

Megacon Mania!

So one of the items on my 40 before 40 list was to attend DragonCon - the comic book convention in Atlanta.  I picked that one because it is the closest one to where we live, but in May Carlos took me to Megacon in Orlando - even better because it's a bigger convention, and duh, it's in Orlando.  
To be honest I had no idea what I would think about this experience.  Although Carlos has turned me into a sci-fi fan, I had no idea what to expect.  I'm kind of surprised to say that I had a lot more fun than I expected to have!  If you like to people watch, a comic book convention is the ultimate destination.  Just seeing everyone dressed up in their different costumes is worth the price of admission.  However, in the exhibit halls, there is so much to see and do - Castiél hugged R2-D2, battled with Kylo Ren, and played with Legos.  I got to meet John Barrowman, which was awesome, and if we would have wanted to pay $150+ and wait in a 2+ hour line we could have had a picture t…

Come sail away: Our 1st cruise

So one of my "40 before 40" items was to go on a cruise. But that wasn't really the reason we decided to go on a cruise for Spring Break.  The reason we went was for our little country-loving Castiél.  He wants to go to different countries, and at this point, a cruise is the easiest and cheapest way to accomplish that goal.  So we picked a cruise that went to two different countries: the Cayman Islands (technically the United Kingdom) and Cozumel, Mexico.

It was our first cruise, and we didn't know what to expect.  I was super anxious (not out of the ordinary), but there was really no reason for me to be.  Everything is taken care of from start to finish.  If you have some cash to tip the porters you don't even have to worry about your checked baggage once you get it out of your car.

We went on the Carnival Paradise, which wasn't a huge ship, but I was kind of glad about that - it wasn't hard to find places and get around.  There was only one ship band …