Plan B

My former pastor's wife once said, "This is Plan A, there is no Plan B." She was speaking about marriage, and I believe that is true. There is no exit strategy or greener grass or something better out there for me and the marriage I have – no matter what. 

However, when it comes to a career I'm not sure to say the same idea can be applied. I always thought that education was a rock solid career choice with no need for a Plan B. But my years in education have shown me that it might be wise to have something to fall back on. A few years ago in my county there was a reduction in force which affected teachers who had many years of experience. It was unexpected, it was disappointing, and it was quite eye-opening. My job in education is not as secure as I once thought it was. Especially as a media specialist, I am not guaranteed a position within the schools. I would like to think that budget cuts and reduction in personnel will not affect the media centers at schools in my state, but they already have. Media clerks were cut in the last reduction in force, and they have not been reinstated. Next time it could be the media specialists that are on the chopping block. The state of Florida has already eliminated or greatly decreased the number of media specialists in the schools. Many libraries are run by clerks or even by volunteers. So it isn't a crazy thought that my job might be on the line.

So I have a Plan B. My Plan B is Rodan and Fields. I hope that I don't have to fall back completely on that plan, but it is nice to know I have a plan in place in case the unthinkable happens.

So what is your plan B?

What happens when layoffs come or a company closes its doors? And is your Plan B recession proof?  Rodan+Fields launched from retail into the direct sales market just months before the 2008 recession...yet they experienced their biggest growth during that period of financial crisis. Why? 

"We grew from $3 million to $10 million to $22 million to $60 million right through the recession. A lot of people were looking for an alternative. The recession shook people’s foundation and belief that if they are doing the right thing in corporate America, they are safe. People started saying, “What else can I do?” “Where is my plan B?” They started looking around. A lot of people have experience with Rodan + Fields through our previous company, Proactiv. They knew we were a real brand. When you combine the real brand with the market opportunity of anti-aging and the business opportunity with technology, they said, “Wow, this is something really powerful; we want to try it as our plan B.” ~ Dr. Katie Rodan

The time to start your Plan B is NOW. Don't wait for things to hit bottom. Contact me to learn more about this phenomenal, solid business opportunity. I LOVE my Plan B and I'd love to have you join our team.


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