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Plan B

My former pastor's wife once said, "This is Plan A, there is no Plan B." She was speaking about marriage, and I believe that is true. There is no exit strategy or greener grass or something better out there for me and the marriage I have – no matter what. 

However, when it comes to a career I'm not sure to say the same idea can be applied. I always thought that education was a rock solid career choice with no need for a Plan B. But my years in education have shown me that it might be wise to have something to fall back on. A few years ago in my county there was a reduction in force which affected teachers who had many years of experience. It was unexpected, it was disappointing, and it was quite eye-opening. My job in education is not as secure as I once thought it was. Especially as a media specialist, I am not guaranteed a position within the schools. I would like to think that budget cuts and reduction in personnel will not affect the media centers at schools in my…