I was a stranger . . .

In 2016, I have chosen to focus on GIVING - giving of my time, attention, and resources to organizations that touch my heart.

For January, I am donating to World Relief Atlanta.  World Relief is a global organization, but since Atlanta is the closest city to me, I will donate money directly to that chapter.  There are offices throughout the United States, so if you live in one of these areas I encourage you to look for ways you can volunteer as well as donate.

On the World Relief website, you can go see where you can become an advocate for the least of these.  You can educate yourself on the issues that face many people around the globe and even email your legislators about these issues straight from the World Relief website.

One of the major ministries of World Relief is Refugee Resettlement.  Although the question of taking care of refugees has recently became a huge political issue in the United States, this organization has been working with refugees coming to the United States for 35 years.  I love that Humans of New York recently shared the stories of some of the Syrian refugees, and I love that World Relief is acting as the hands of Jesus in helping to meet practical needs as refugees make their home in a new land.  I believe wholeheartedly that as Christians we should do whatever it takes to care for those in need - whether they look like us, believe like us, or act like us.

Additionally, I am going to do the "I was a Stranger" challenge which is a 40 day Scripture reading - I invite you to do this with me.  You can download and print a bookmark with the Bible readings HERE.


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