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I have a confession to make:  I am a liberal.  This is a fact I have felt that I needed to hide based on my geographic location (the south) and religious beliefs (Christian).  I'm over hiding the truth.  I'm coming out as a full-on social liberal.  This isn't easy.  My parents are conservative, most of my acquaintances and friends are conservative, my entire state is a "blue" state. 

As long as I'm coming out as a liberal, I might as well go all the way:
I'm not Catholic but I love Pope Francis.  I think he is brilliant.  I think his views are truly Biblical and God-honoring.  They may not be "American" views, but I'd much rather follow what the Bible says than what American culture says.  I believe in climate change.  It's happening.  It's affecting our weather patterns, and while it may not be 100% caused by humans, I think we are 100% responsible for doing what we can to stop it. I do not believe in a literal 6 day creation.  I b…

Potty Tales

So Camila is just 18 months old and I already feel the pressure to start potty training.  I have gotten out the potty and we sit on it before bath.  For like a second before she jumps up.

She can say "potty" but has no idea what she's supposed to do there.

We know when she needs to go poop so today I tried to put her on the potty and read books with her.  That worked for 2.4 seconds until she wiggled her naked little bottom onto my lap to read to her.

So, she's not ready.  And I'm relieved.  I'm not cut out for this early potty training stuff.

Now we can move on to more important things, like learning the alphabet and how to count. :)

I was a stranger . . .

In 2016, I have chosen to focus on GIVING - giving of my time, attention, and resources to organizations that touch my heart.

For January, I am donating to World Relief Atlanta.  World Relief is a global organization, but since Atlanta is the closest city to me, I will donate money directly to that chapter.  There are offices throughout the United States, so if you live in one of these areas I encourage you to look for ways you can volunteer as well as donate.

On the World Relief website, you can go see where you can become an advocate for the least of these.  You can educate yourself on the issues that face many people around the globe and even email your legislators about these issues straight from the World Relief website.

One of the major ministries of World Relief is Refugee Resettlement.  Although the question of taking care of refugees has recently became a huge political issue in the United States, this organization has been working with refugees coming to the United State…

One Little Word 2016: Give

So in 2014 I attempted to focus on One Little Word for the year, but I kind of lost steam once baby girl came along.  I just was a bit too busy to think about anything other than survival.  :)  So I guess my word for that year was actually Survive rather than Cultivate.

So here I go again, 2 years later, and I have a word in mind for 2016, and that word is GIVE.

If you've paid much attention at all in the last few months, you know that I have started a skincare business with Rodan+Fields, and the team I am on is called Team GiVe.  It stands for Genuine, Inspired, Vibrant Entrepreneurs, but a lot of focus is on giving - not only within my team, but within the company as a whole.  Giving starts at the top, and the company has its own foundation - Prescription for Change and is currently partnering with buildOn, which works with inner city students.  Most recently Team Give gave to Knights of Heroes, a camp for kids who have lost a parent in military service.  The top earner, Sarah …