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Becoming an entrepreneur

I never dreamed of owning my own business.
I never saw myself as an entrepreneur.
I saw myself as a teacher, but not a business woman.

Enter Rodan+Fields.

My friend and co-worker talked to me about Rodan+Fields for about two years before I was ready to listen to her.  And when I did finally listen, I didn't want to hear anything about the business - I was only interested in the products.  It was August and my skin was looking rough!  I had spent a lot of time in the sun with the kids taking swim lessons (and practicing swimming), and it definitely showed.  My freckles were dark and my skin tone was dull.  I didn't like what I saw when I looked in the mirror.  So I pulled the money together, bit the bullet, and ordered the Reverse regimen from my friend Jenny.

Two weeks later:

It was at this point that I realized 3 things:   I was going to want to keep using these products. I was going to have to find a way to pay for these products! I was going to be willing to talk about…

40 before 40

So on my next birthday (in January), I will be 37.  37???!?!  Somehow that number seems a lot older than 36.  A lot closer to 40.  It's so funny how I still feel every bit of 25 on the inside even as my age goes up each year.

As I thought about how close I am to getting to that BIG milestone of a birthday, I thought I would make a list of 40 things I want to do before turning 40.  I would love to travel the world before I'm 40, but that's not likely to happen in the next 3 years, so I tried to set my goals a little lower and a little closer to home.  :)

So, here they are, in no particular order:

Go on a zip line Go on a cruiseRead the entire Bible Donate hair Give bloodSing karaoke See the sun rise and set over the ocean in the same dayGo on a romantic getaway (with Carlos - just to clarify)Read 40 booksOwn my own business Go to DragonCon in AtlantaSwim with dolphinsSee The Nutcracker Suite liveBe able to plank for one minuteGet a professional massageRide in a hot air ball…