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Reflections on pregnancy - the 2nd time around

I have discovered that being pregnant is a completely different experience the 2nd time around.
During my first pregnancy, I read everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, about pregnancy, childbirth, newborns, etc.  This time I barely read the updates on my pregnancy app from week to week.  During my first pregnancy, I knew exactly how far along I was - nearly to the day.  This time, I'm not quite sure. (Although in my defense, my due date was changed early on, so I started off confused.)During my first pregnancy, I took pregnancy pictures weekly to document my growing belly. This time, I'm lucky if I remember to take a picture every couple of weeks.  During my first pregnancy, I'm pretty sure I completely slept through my first trimester.  This time, although I went to bed as early as possible, naps were not as much of an option.  I'm only 22 weeks, and I'm already tired of maternity clothes.  The excitement wears off much faster after the first time.  (Although many wo…