Cultivating a Good Life: Pulling some weeds

In continuing with my thoughts on my One Little Word for 2014 and extending the gardening metaphor, I have been thinking lately about the weeds in my life.

If my goal in 2014 is to cultivate a better life - strengthen my marriage, relationships, and health, then one step in the process will be to eliminate things which work against that goal.

I've thought of several things - most of them attitudes rather than actions, but the main thing that I am going to eliminate is the constant use of social media.  No, I'm not deleting any accounts; I will remain on facebook, where I enjoy keeping up with friends near and far.  However, I have taken all social media apps off of my phone.  It is just too tempting to constantly be "checking in" - and to what end?  Although it serves to entertain, it often distracts from my real life that is right in front of me.

So, I will see you on facebook, my friends, just not as constantly or as immediately.  I may be a bit behind on what is happening in other people's lives, but I will be more focused on what is happening in MY life.  


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