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Merry Christmas!

Advent is over!  Finally!  This year I have more keenly felt the sense of waiting associated with the Advent season.  Waiting for the Christmas holidays.  Waiting to feel better.  Waiting.Waiting.Waiting.  I have felt like I was waiting for things to get better in general.  Not that things are terrible, really, but I have had this feeling that things should be different.  ThatI should be different.  Better.  More.

Enter Christmas.  And a huge sigh of relief.  The rush of waiting is over.  The celebration can begin.  A lot of the holiday pressure is self-inflicted throughout Advent, but once Christmas gets here I can relax and truly enjoy the season.  I realize (once again) that it isn't about fun Advent activities, or presents, or food, or parties, but it's about celebrating the birth of Christ.  Celebrating the fact that I don't have to be different or better or more.  Because HE is enough.

This Advent  season especially I have come face to face with my inadequacies - …