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A Patriot's reponse to a non-patriotic statement

I recently wrote about my lack of patriotism, and it riled quite a few feathers. 

The other day, I posted a link on facebook to an article about how America remembers the events of 9/11.  My only comment on the article was that it was "interesting thoughts."  One facebook friend commented that those who did not love America should leave the country.  She soon deleted her comment, although there was no response to her comment by me or anyone else. 

Today,  MY feathers are bit ruffled at the response of some people to the crowning of Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, as Miss America.  I mentioned to a colleague that this kind of response is why I am not always proud to be American.  (Okay, full disclosure, I said that second - the first thing I said was "This is why I hate America" - not exactly true, and an over-the-top hyperbolic statement that I probably shouldn't have said.)  His immediate response was that I could leave America if I didn't like it.