Describe 10 pet peeves you have

Returning to my 25 things I want my child(ren) to know about me series, I thought I'd pick an easy one . . . pet peeves!

1.  Poor grammar

2.  Hearing other people bite their nails.  
It makes me CRAZY!

3.  People who spit on the ground.  
Why do they have so much extra saliva?

4.  When someone (usually my husband) changes the channel 
on the TV at the exact moment I become interested.  

5.  Christmas decor on sale in August (or earlier). 

6.  Websites with embedded music.

7.  People who do not seem to understand that you walk through the RIGHT door, 
even if the left door is open.  

8.  People throwing trash in a recycle bin. OR people throwing recyclable material in the trash can when the recycle bin is RIGHT NEXT TO THE TRASH CAN!

9.  Racist people. Especially racist people who say they aren't racist. 

10.  When people see my toddler in a fedora and say, "Look, he's wearing an old man hat!"  Seriously? 



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