Smoothie Secrets

I promised I would write a post with my smoothie secrets.  Here it is.

First of all, I have no special equipment.  My parents have a Blendtec, an awesome smoothie (and other food) maker that is used by Starbucks to prepare their frozen drinks.  It is really great, but also very expensive.  There are a lot of other blenders that are marketed specifically for smoothies, and they may be great, I don't know.  I have a Magic Bullet.  It's great for 1 serving, if you want to make larger quantities I'd spring for something else.  If I burn out the motor on this one, I may try the Nutri-Bullet.

  • Bananas make a smoothie "smooth" - I don't know why, but bananas greatly aid the consistency of a smoothie.  I try to buy over-ripe bananas, cut them into chunks and then flash freeze them to use in smoothies.  Unless I am completely out of bananas, they are in every smoothie. Another thing that makes a smoothie super-sooth is avocado (which you can freeze).
  • Sneak in vegetables - Spinach and carrots are in every smoothie I make, and they do NOT effect the taste one bit.  Spinach will change the color, but that is all.  I generally cook carrots and then flash freeze them to use in smoothies.  I buy spinach in bulk and blend it down (in the Magic Bullet) with a tiny bit of water and then freeze it in ice trays.  I'm sure there are other vegetables you could incorporate, but this is as far as I have ventured.

  • Apples do NOT work in smoothies - At least not with the Magic Bullet.  They make the smoothie too grainy.  
  • Experiment - No one ingredient will ruin a smoothie completely - try different things.  Canteloupe is good, as is kiwi.  Even fruits you don't "like" might be tasty in a smoothie. Because I'm making a smoothie for my toddler, I don't get too adventurous but there are TONS of smoothie recipes and ideas available online (just check Pinterest!).  You could easily have a different smoothie every day for a year with all of the options available!  
  • Sweeten with honey - I use local honey in order to help with allergies, and a tablespoon adds the perfect amount of sweetness.  

  • Add in other nutrients - Because I'm afraid that Castiel doesn't get enough protein, I add whey protein.  I also add plain yogurt.  You can also add almond milk.  
  • Liquid - I generally put in the fruit, yogurt, and honey, and then add half juice and half water.

  • Ice - Because I use frozen fruit, I don't always add ice to my smoothies.  Especially since I don't want them too thick.  But adding ice makes a smoothie super cold and yummy!
  • Prepare ahead - I pack "smoothie packs" ahead.  It makes it quick and easy to throw everything in the blender.  I use flash frozen fruit and veggies and separate them into these pint size freezer containers (bought at Tractor Supply). 

  • Enjoy!


Lea said…
Love this! I have never made a smoothie! I'm totally going to start! Thx for the tips!

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