How my toddler gets 3 servings of vegetables a day (Even when he refuses to "eat" his vegetables)

My 2-year-old, like many toddlers, is not always great about eating his vegetables.  (Now, fruit, on the other hand, he can't get enough of!)  When I was making his baby food I simply mixed a fruit with a vegetable to make it more palatable, now that there are individual portions on his plate, he isn't always interested in the vegetables - ESPECIALLY when they are green!  :)

I have figured out a sneaky way to get him vegetables every day!

First of all, I put pumpkin puree in his oatmeal every morning.  I mix it with either bananas or applesauce and it is quite tasty!  Pretty much all I do is buy 100% Pure Pumpkin in a can (see below) and put it into ice trays to freeze into individual portions.  After they are frozen I put them in a freezer-safe container and then get one out every morning to cook with his oatmeal!

The second way I sneak in vegetables is in his daily smoothie.  His grandparents own a Blendtec and got him hooked on smoothies early on.  A Blendtec is not within our budget right now, so we got a Magic Bullet for $50 (actually, I think it was on sale at Target when we got it!) and it works GREAT!

In every smoothie, I put spinach and carrots - voila!  2 servings of vegetables!  And I promise it doesn't change the taste of the smoothie!  (More smoothie secrets to come in a future blog post!)  

An easy way to prepare spinach for smoothies is the puree spinach (with a tiny bit of water)  in your blending device and pour the puree into ice trays to freeze for individual servings.  I put one cube in each smoothie.  

How do you sneak healthy foods into your child's food?  


Lea said…
GREAT idea! I am definitely going to be referring to your blog when I am figuring stuff out for Tommy. We like you are delaying the shots. We MUST chat at some point! XO

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