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I'm Not White

Evidence that I may not, in actuality, be Caucasian:
I do not like frozen yogurt.  (Or, as white people like to call it, "froyo.")I do not own (or care to own) a Coach purse.I do not own (or care to own) a Pandora bracelet.I do not like country music. I do not like camping.  (Like seriously, I have a house.)I don't like mayonnaise.  On the other hand: I love British television. I love NPR - Ira Glass rocks!I love Mad Men. (the AMC show, not crazy males)I love The Colbert Report. Coffee!I recycle.I'm a grammar snob. I realize I'm trying to be ironic (another white person trait, dang!), but if you haven't seen the blog Stuff White People Like, you have to check it out.  Hilarious stuff!  They got a book deal (#92 on the list) and stopped posting, which is sad.  I truly enjoyed this blog, and it spawned a host of other Stuff _____ People Like sites, but none are as funny as this one.

How my toddler gets 3 servings of vegetables a day (Even when he refuses to "eat" his vegetables)

My 2-year-old, like many toddlers, is not always great about eating his vegetables.  (Now, fruit, on the other hand, he can't get enough of!)  When I was making his baby food I simply mixed a fruit with a vegetable to make it more palatable, now that there are individual portions on his plate, he isn't always interested in the vegetables - ESPECIALLY when they are green!  :)

I have figured out a sneaky way to get him vegetables every day!

First of all, I put pumpkin puree in his oatmeal every morning.  I mix it with either bananas or applesauce and it is quite tasty!  Pretty much all I do is buy 100% Pure Pumpkin in a can (see below) and put it into ice trays to freeze into individual portions.  After they are frozen I put them in a freezer-safe container and then get one out every morning to cook with his oatmeal!

The second way I sneak in vegetables is in his daily smoothie.  His grandparents own a Blendtec and got him hooked on smoothies early on.  A Blendtec is not withi…