Real Moms

In honor of Mother's Day, I have compiled a short list about the reality of motherhood.  

  1. A real mom wipes snotty noses with her shirt, or with her fingers and then wipes it on her pants. 
  2. A real mom wipes up small spills with her sock.  Who needs a dish towel?
  3. A real mom can go to the bathroom while another human being is hanging onto her neck.  
  4. A real mom just eats the random stale cheerio she finds instead of taking it all.the.way to the trash can.
  5. A real mom isn't sure she remembers how to do anything with her hair other than pull it into a ponytail. 
  6. A real mom sniffs her kid's bottom to find out if he/she has a "poopy."
  7. A real mom has been pooped on.
  8. A real mom is never "caught up" on laundry.
  9. A real mom has random, annoying kids songs stuck in her head much more often than she'd like.  
  10. A real mom isn't sure how she ever lived before she had her kid(s).  

What would you add to the list?


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