20 random facts about ME!

  1.  I’m short.  I stand up REALLY straight when I’m being measured so I will be measured at 5’0”.
  2.  I love to read.  As long as it is “easy” reading.  That’s why I love young adult literature!
  3. I love lists.  All kinds of lists.  Which is why I especially like this particular blog post.
  4.  I wish I were more technologically savvy. 
  5.  I love Latin music, and I sometimes make up words (that are usually nonsensical words that belong to no language) since I don’t speak Spanish.
  6.  I failed my driver’s test the first time I took it.
  7.  I love British TV!  Favorites?  Dr. Who and Downton Abbey!
  8. I love organization, but I have found that my mind is pretty cluttered.  Which might be why I love organization so much!
  9. I love school supplies (possibly related to my love of organization)
  10. I think I love Sesame Street more than Castiél does!
  11. I was valedictorian of my graduating class. 
  12. I graduated from college with my Bachelor's degree in three years.  
  13. Related to the above, I am a total over-achiever.
  14. I love to dance - as long as it's swing or salsa!
  15. My favorite "night on the town" (other than dancing) is singing along to dueling pianos - Pat O'Brien's at Citywalk Orlando is our favorite.
  16. My favorite color is blue (turquoise) . . . or yellow . . . it depends on my mood.
  17. My pet growing up was a dog - a pek-a-poo (pekingese/poodle) named Buffy.  We got her when I was 5 and she lived until my freshman year of college.  
  18. So far, I have never voted for a losing candidate in a Presidential election.  
  19. At one point I seriously considered converting to Catholicism.  
  20. I went to Europe by myself when I was 21 years old.  


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