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This thought started as a facebook post, and then I decided it was much too long (Ain't nobody got time for that!)  As I walked around my house tonight, instead of seeing all the unfinished (or unstarted) chores and projects, I saw that I had food in my fridge, coats in my closet, a roof over my head, a car in my carport, a husband who loves me and puts my needs before his own, and a toddler who is healthy and happy.  Not to mention a loving extended family who live nearby, a job that I love, a church that both challenges and supports me, and friends both near and far.

If I ever complain about anything, someone please slap me.

Three little fears

From my project: 25 Things I want my Kid(s) to know about me -- 
Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

Cockroaches - I hate them.  I even hate looking at the word typed.  I'm not sure how the fear started necessarily, but it has definitely INCREASED as I've gotten older.  Birds - This sounds silly, I know, but birds are so yucky to me.  I always am afraid they want to peck my eyes out.  Amazingly, I've never seen Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds!  I believe I was chased by a goose when I was a child (so I've been told), but I don't remember that.  As an adult, I once had a paper route, and at 5 in the morning I put a newspaper in a box and out flew a little bitty finch.  Straight into my neck.  It crapped all over my shirt and then flew around my car.  I got out of the car, opened all the doors, and freaked out in the middle of the street until it finally found its way out of my car.  I'm not really sure if that was where the fea…

20 random facts about ME!

I’m short.I stand up REALLY straight when I’m being measured so I will be measured at 5’0”.I love to read.As long as it is “easy” reading.That’s why I love young adult literature!I love lists.All kinds of lists.Which is why I especially like this particular blog post.I wish I were more technologically savvy.I love Latin music, and I sometimes make up words (that are usually nonsensical words that belong to no language) since I don’t speak Spanish.I failed my driver’s test the first time I took it.I love British TV!Favorites?Dr. Who and Downton Abbey!I love organization, but I have found that my mind is pretty cluttered.Which might be why I love organization so much!I love school supplies (possibly related to my love of organization)I think I love Sesame Street more than CastiĆ©l does!I was valedictorian of my graduating class. I graduated from college with my Bachelor's degree in three years.  Related to the above, I am a total over-achiever.I love to dance - as long as it's sw…

25 things my kid(s) should know about me

I saw this idea over at Baby Making Machine, and I thought it was great.  I like the idea of documenting the small things about myself for my child/children (so far I only have one) to read later (blogs last forever, right?)   I will be working on this over 2013.  She listed 30 ideas, but I whittled it down to 25.  It will probably take the entire year to do all 25 posts, especially since I just realized I hadn't posted in over 3 months!  (I'll blame it on the holiday season and the distraction of a very cute kid!)  

(This is my very cute kid!) THE LIST:
1. List 20 random facts about yourself.
2. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.
3. Describe your relationship with your spouse.
4. List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.
5. What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?
6. If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?
7. What is your dream job, and why?
8. What are 5 passions you have?
9. List …