Castiel is Cuteness Personified!

Castiel is almost 14 months old and gets cuter every day (if that is even possible!)  Here are a few examples to support my claim.  :)


Castiel LOVES books!  His first word was "book" and he spends much of his time looking at his books.  He has also recently learned how to say "read" so he can order you to read him his favorite book!  His favorites are Dr. Seuss books, and his current favorite is Dr. Seuss's ABC.  He has started to turn to a page and then look at you, waiting for you to read it.  (Even if he is sitting where you can't possibly see the page or the words!)  So, we don't always read books from front to back!

We read the Bible at bedtime (he has a little Bible), and before we read, I sing the song "The B-I-B-L-E."  This afternoon he brought the Bible to me - he didn't want to read it, he wanted me to sing the song!  Every time the song was over, he just held the Bible up in the air as a signal for me to begin again.  

Once you do something a few times while reading a book (like point to a specific thing on the page or point to his nose), he makes sure you remember to do it that way EVERY TIME!  If you don't, he will grab your hand and do it for you!  


Well, we aren't walking, but Castiel has decided that the only things Mommy and Daddy's hands are good for is to support him as he walks around.  He will grab our fingers and jump off of whatever he is on, whether it is our lap, the couch, or the changing table.  He's even attempted it from the high chair, but he was buckled in!  Also, he has gotten very clever at "directing" where he would like to go.  If a door is closed, he will considerately let go of your right hand so you can open the door for him.  :)  He especially likes to walk outside - even though it is 100+ degrees!  

Other stuff

He loves to play the piano.  He most enjoys sitting on someone's lap and "playing" (i.e. banging).  Usually, I open the hymnal that is right there and start to play a hymn.  He will turn the pages of the hymnal.  I don't know if he realizes that a new page = a new song, but he never lets you get through a whole hymn!  :)  Maybe he just doesn't like hymns!

He LOVES to look at himself in the mirror and make faces at himself!

Sometimes he tries to "put himself to bed" - he walks to his crib, holds onto the rails, and starts sucking his fingers.  It's so sweet.  I have yet to snap of pic of this - but I will try!

He has a "blanky" - now, it's not the lovey that it took 5 people to make, but it is what he loves. 

His scrunchy faces!!!

Okay, that's all for now, but I'm certain that there will be a sequel to this post.  


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