$1 Books for Baby

It is no secret that Castiel LOVES books!  Books have always been his favorite "toy," and as soon as he could sit up, that is what he wanted to hold.  Now, at 13 months old, he has figured out how to reach through the slats of his crib to grab books off of the nightstand to bring into his crib.

I credit his love for books to several things - (1) Genetics - Carlos and I both loved to read as children, (2) We have read to him since he was a newborn, so books have always been a part of his life, and (3) He is surrounded by books.  At my work baby shower, people brought books to build Castiel's library, plus I brought a lot of my old books out of boxes for him.  In addition, Carlos and I are always on the lookout for affordable books for him.

We hit the JACKPOT both in the Target Dollar Deals and at the Dollar Tree!  These sturdy board books are some of Castiel's favorites!  

These were bought at Target in their Dollar section.  
These were bought at the Dollar Tree.
From the Dollar Tree. 

These are our most recent purchase from the Dollar Tree. 


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