Healthy Baby Tips

We survived the first year of parenthood!!!  And we did it with NO sick baby visits to the pediatrician!  Castiel was completely healthy!  I feel very blessed in this, especially as I see other parents have to deal with sick babies.  However, I do not think it is complete luck, but a combination of factors.  

Here are my top 5 tips on how to have a healthy first year with baby:  
  1. Just say NO to daycare.  Daycare makes babies sick.  There are germs there.  I know that everyone does not have the ability to have a parent stay at home with their baby, but if you can get a home caretaker (preferably a family member) to take care of your baby, the likelihood of your baby getting sick greatly decreases.  
  2. Just say NO to vaccines.  First of all, I think a newborn's immune system is too weak to deal with the sudden onslaught of vaccinations.  Secondly, in my opinion, vaccines suppress the body's natural immune system.  God designed our bodies to fight disease, and I believe that allowing that God-given system to develop creates a more healthy child in the long-run -- even if vaccines are given later.  
  3. Just say YES to breastfeeding.  While the baby's immune system is developing, breastfeeding gives him your immunity to disease.  Another amazing God-created phenomenon.  
  4. Just say NO to processed foods.  I make all of Castiel's food - for both cost effectiveness and health reasons.  However, I believe the fact that he has only had whole foods with no preservatives/chemicals contributes to his overall health.  He hasn't even had a diaper rash, and I think this is due, in part, to the lack of chemicals in his system. 
  5. Just say YES to routine.  This is one I didn't understand before becoming a parent, and one that is never so clear as when Castiel is out of his routine.  My husband is great at this, and as the stay-at-home parent he has created a routine that works great for Castiel.  He is happiest when his day works within this set routine.  Find what works for you, but one thing that Castiel needs every day is "down time" in his crib.  We give him a book or a toy (or both), play some music, and let him entertain himself for a few minutes.  We have found that he desperately needs this time in order to unwind and process the day's events.  Plus, he is great at entertaining himself and playing independently!  


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