Baby Food: Meat

Because I make Castiel's food, it was a LONG time before I added meat to his diet.  Not for any other reason than the idea of pureeing meat was disgusting to me.  So, I waited until he could chew better.  The first meat I gave him was fish - tilapia.  My thinking behind this was #1 - I wanted him to grow up liking fish, and #2, fish is flaky and easy to chew.

It was a hit.  So, I had to think about storage, as he obviously wasn't going to eat an entire fillet of tilapia on one day.  I decided to cook it, flake it, portion it, and freeze it - following the same method I used for all his other food.  However, I didn't think the ice cube trays were quite going to work.  So this is what I decided:

Snack size ziploc bags were perfect for a serving size (approximately 1 Tablespoon).  However, they aren't freezer safe, and who wants a bunch of little bags in the freezer to go through?  So, I decided to put them into a larger freezer bag:

I have to be honest, I really didn't know who this would work, but it worked beautifully!  The fish froze well, and I was easily able to get out one serving to defrost.  I have done this with chicken as well.  


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