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Baby Food: Meat

Because I make Castiel's food, it was a LONG time before I added meat to his diet.  Not for any other reason than the idea of pureeing meat was disgusting to me.  So, I waited until he could chew better.  The first meat I gave him was fish - tilapia.  My thinking behind this was #1 - I wanted him to grow up liking fish, and #2, fish is flaky and easy to chew.

It was a hit.  So, I had to think about storage, as he obviously wasn't going to eat an entire fillet of tilapia on one day.  I decided to cook it, flake it, portion it, and freeze it - following the same method I used for all his other food.  However, I didn't think the ice cube trays were quite going to work.  So this is what I decided:

Snack size ziploc bags were perfect for a serving size (approximately 1 Tablespoon).  However, they aren't freezer safe, and who wants a bunch of little bags in the freezer to go through?  So, I decided to put them into a larger freezer bag:

I have to be honest, I really didn…

Sensory bottle - FAIL!

So I got this great idea from Pinterest (of course) to make a sensory bottle from an old plastic bottle.  I got my bottle and supplies all ready . . . 

I decided to mix oil and water for a "lava lamp" effect.  I randomly decided on a 50-50 mix of water to oil.  

Then I had a few sequins and buttons that I dropped into the bottle for further effect.  

Looks good, right?  Nope - major fail. 

#1 -  I used a 20 ounce Diet Coke bottle.  And it was too heavy - Castiel just couldn't hold it to play with it.  I really need the mini juice or water bottles.   #2 -  I don't think a 50-50 mix was the right choice.  I'm not sure which I should have had more of. (Any input would be much appreciated!)  :)   #3 -  It just didn't turn out the way it did in my head -- or the way it did in those Pinterest pictures!  I may try this again, but since Castiel likes NOISE, I think I'll try a dry bean bottle next.  :)

In other Pinterest fail news, I saw the idea to make colored ice cube…

Healthy Baby Tips

We survived the first year of parenthood!!!  And we did it with NO sick baby visits to the pediatrician!  Castiel was completely healthy!  I feel very blessed in this, especially as I see other parents have to deal with sick babies.  However, I do not think it is complete luck, but a combination of factors.  

Here are my top 5 tips on how to have a healthy first year with baby:   Just say NO to daycare.  Daycare makes babies sick.  There are germs there.  I know that everyone does not have the ability to have a parent stay at home with their baby, but if you can get a home caretaker (preferably a family member) to take care of your baby, the likelihood of your baby getting sick greatly decreases.  Just say NO to vaccines.  First of all, I think a newborn's immune system is too weak to deal with the sudden onslaught of vaccinations.  Secondly, in my opinion, vaccines suppress the body's natural immune system.  God designed our bodies to fight disease, and I believe that allowing …

Baby Food Variety

I was thinking the other day of all the foods that Castiel has eaten in the past 6 months since he started solid foods.  One of the reasons I am so glad I have made his baby food (and still continue to make his food from whole food ingredients) is the fact that he can have such a variety of foods not available in the jar baby food aisle.  Here is a list of all the foods Castiel has had so far:

kidney beans
black beans
garbanzo beans
northern beans
brown rice
white potatoes
sweet potatoes
green beans
butternut squash
eggs (cooked scrambled)
organic whole milk yogurt (he likes it plain!)
tilapia (this is our most recent addition to his diet - he actually liked it after the shock of the initial bite!)

I do not want Castiel to be a picky eater, so I'm trying to introduce as many foods as early as I can.  So far, there isn't anything he won'…

Flashback Friday - Student Teaching

So I was going through old notebooks and found some of my writing from long long ago, and I thought it would be fun to have a "Flashback Friday" to post some of it (and maybe the occasional flashback photo).

This is my Student Teaching Self-Evaluation from March 2nd, 2000!  Enjoy!

I have learned so much at this placement!  Not only about teaching in general, but also about myself.  This placement has been challenging for me in many ways.  Discipline and classroom management has been a struggle.  At times the students seem out of control.  I have learned effective ways to deal with misbehavior; more importantly, I have learned how NOT to deal with discipline problems.  Students really want to have boundaries -- and they want to be held to them.  The teacher's expectations when it comes to student success.  If the teacher has high expectations - academically and behaviorally -- for the students, they will live up to them. 
Students also want a teacher who is enthusiastic a…