1st Birthday Party, Sesame Street Style!

I can't believe that Castiel is 1 year old!  We had a fantastic party - it was family and close friends only, but we still went all out.  Castiel loves Elmo and Sesame Street (although he enjoys his Sesame Street books more than the actual Sesame Street TV show right now!) So I decided to do an Elmo themed party.  It kind of morphed into a Sesame Street themed party as it went though.  

I found some GREAT ideas on Pinterest, and went from there.  I saw some great invitations/decorations on Etsy, but I didn't want to spend money for a download that I felt I could create, so I got busy in Publisher.  I made an invitation, water bottle labels, food labels, and a few other things.  They turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.  You can download the water bottle labels, food cards, and party favor bag labels here on Scribd.  

Then my awesome husband made the cupcakes - I found the idea and he executed it (the story of our lives).  We did Elmo and Cookie Monster.  My #1 suggestion for these cupcakes is to buy the frosting pre-dyed from a bakery.  We used Publix and were very pleased.  You can buy the icing by the pound and don't have to worry about getting it the right color at home.  

Cupcake Details:  
Eyes -- marshmallows cut in half plus a Reese's Pieces stuck on with a little white frosting
Nose -- Orange peanut M&M
Mouth -- an oreo cookie cut in half 


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