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30 after 30

I have done a lot of cool stuff - really.  I traveled to Europe (by myself), staying in hostels and riding the train with my Europass.  I've met Harry Connick, Jr., and I've seen Davy Jones and Tom Jones in concert (not at the same time).  I got married in Vegas, and I was in a music video. (Okay, so it was for a Christian swing band, but it counts!)  I've accomplished a lot too - I was valedictorian of my high school class, got my Bachelor's degree in three years, have my Master's degree, and am a Nationally Board Certified teacher. (Okay, so I'm also a nerd).

Anyway, I have been in my thirties for a few years now, and I thought I'd compile a list of 30 things I want to do after 30 years of age.  And here it is:   Float in a hot-air balloonDrive Route 66Complete a corn mazeGo on a cruiseSwim with dolphinsSee a live production of The Nutcracker SuiteStomp on grapes a la I Love LucyGo to Niagara FallsGo to PragueTake an overnight train tripVisit GracelandGo …

How to have a Happy, Healthy Baby

Here is my list of how to have a happy, healthy baby.  As a disclaimer, I only have ONE baby, so this is by no means a scientific study.  :)  I may simply have a happy baby by disposition.  However, these are the things we have done or continue to do that I believe contribute to a happy baby.
Swaddle.  Swaddling a newborn keeps them content.  Now, we weren't able to swaddle Castiel fully for very long - he just really wanted his arms free.  However, we did keep him wrapped as much and as long as we could.   Breastfeed – on demand.  For the first 6 weeks of his life (maybe longer), Castiel could barely start crying before I'd nurse him.  This meant I nursed ALL THE TIME!  However, it was well worth it to have a peaceful, happy baby.At 9 months, I still nurse on demand, but it's a lot less often than it used to be!Make your own baby food.  This one may seem silly, but by making my own baby food, I know what Castiel is eating, and I know he isn't getting unnecessary prese…