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Homemade Baby Food: Easy-Peasy!!!

Making my own baby food really is one of the easiest things I have ever done, and I’m not even a very good cook!  It takes very little time and money, and the food is healthy and free from preservatives.  I have 100% control over what my baby is eating! 

Supplies: A way to cook the food:  You can boil fruits and vegetables, but most of the vitamins are retained when the food is steamed.A way to puree the food:  You can use a whole food blender, or even just a high quality immersion blender.A way to measure the food:  If you want to have precise serving sizes, I have found that a 1/8 cup is about perfect for filling up the ice cube trays. A way to freeze the food:  The absolute best way is to freeze the pureed food in ice trays, giving you nice and neat individual servings. A way to store the frozen food:  I use Ziploc freezer bags in quart size and label the content and date made with a Sharpie. 
There are some foods that are just too easy NOT to make yourself because you can buy them …