January Projects

So one of my "goals" for 2012 was to actually USE some of the ideas I get from Pinterest.  I used two ideas for Christmas gifts -- a baby handprint ornament and handmade canvases.  But that was December, and this is January. 

I saw on Pinterest an idea to store glass ornaments  in egg crates.  Although they don't fit the larger ornaments, the smaller ones fit perfectly in the egg crates!  Score one for pinterest!  :)

We also squeezed in a 2nd Pinterest idea in January!  I LOVED the idea of using IKEA spice racks as book displays.  We bought them and I painted them last month, but we got them put up yesterday.  They look GREAT!!!! 

Castiel even loves them - he crawled right over to them as soon as they were put up and had books in them!


Lea said…
Cute ideas! Thank you for introducing me to pinterest!

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