Husband Appreciation Day

Today I was thinking about all the things that Carlos does for people. He is the "go-to" guy for so many different people. My next thought was that people don't appreciate him as much as he deserves -- my NEXT thought was that I don't appreciate him as much as he deserves! I take for granted all the little things Carlos does for me on a day-to-day basis.

 So, I'm going to take the time now to publicly thank him.

 To my dear husband:

 Thank you for getting up every morning and cooking me breakfast before I go to work. Not just any breakfast, but made-to-order eggs, hash browns, and bacon. And cafe con leche.

 Thank you for helping me with school/teaching stuff when I need it - especially when it deals with technology. You even wrote one of my papers when I was getting my Master's degree. . . and I made an A. :)

 Thank you for getting my lunch together on a daily basis - especially for the past year and a half when I've not only needed lunch but endless snacks packed as well!

 Thank you for taking care of the finances. The fact that you take care of the bills and all money matters is a huge weight off of my shoulders. I know our lights will never be cut off and we will always have food in the fridge thanks to your careful management of the budget.

 Thank you for making me cookies when I am craving something chocolate. . . and for not saying anything snide when I eat 6 cookies in less than 6 minutes!

 Thank you for being an awesome stay-at-home dad to Castiél - you are a wonderful father, and I'm so glad that you two will have that incredible bond. Even more, thank you for WANTING to do it - you don't do it out of obligation, but out of pure love. And I love that!

 Thank you for keeping me stable and (somewhat) level-headed. Thank you for listening to my whims and wild ideas - but I also appreciate that you don't let me chase every wild idea that pops into my head!

 Thank you for doing all that you do on this house. Not only have you done the majority of the projects (I would say all, but I did pick up a paint brush here and there!), but you also make this house a home. Who needs HGTV when I've got you??? Your eye for design makes our home a pleasant place to be.

 Thank you for being so smart. That sounds strange, but I really appreciate that not only do you seem to KNOW everything, you can also DO nearly everything. It's aggravating sometimes (especially when you beat me in Words with Friends EVERY TIME!), but totally worth the aggravation! :)

 Thank you for being a spiritual rock - not only for me, but for everyone who knows you. There isn't a question I can ask about the Bible that you don't know the answer to. I respect your knowledge in that area. I also appreciate your praying for me and Castiél ~ "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" (James 5:16b)

 Thank you for making me laugh . . . all the time. I'm so glad that we have fun together on a daily basis. You are my favorite person to be around.

 There are so many more things, but this is a start. I'm sorry for when I take you for granted. I truly appreciate everything you do for me.

 I love you,


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