Breastmilk Storage

I've written a blog on Breastfeeding Tips, so I thought I'd also share how I store my stockpiled breast milk.

First of all, I try to give Castiél the freshest breast milk, so during the week, he drinks the milk I pumped on the previous day.  The only day he gets frozen milk is on Mondays; however, for the first few months I pumped on Saturday and Sunday mornings and that is what he had on Mondays.

During the week I end up freezing some of milk he has left over at the end of the day, and I also freeze all of the milk pumped on Friday.  Because I also pumped and froze during my maternity leave, I have quite a stockpile of frozen milk!

I use Nuk Storage Bags.  I label the number of ounces and the date pumped.  

I always lay the bags flat to freeze so that they are more easily stored.  

I have found that Sterilite ice trays are a perfect fit for the bags!  I am able to put the milk in order by date into the ice trays for storage in the freezer.  I have some milk frozen in my mom's freezer as well, and she has found that the boxes that clementines come in at the grocery store are also a great fit for the bags when laid horizontally!

Even though some of the milk is in a deep freezer, my goal is to use the milk within 6 months of the pumped date.  So far, I'm well within that time frame with the milk I am using, but if it gets close to 6 months, I will give Castiél frozen milk and freeze what I pump at work so I don't have to throw away any milk!

I saw a great quote on pinterest:  "Whoever said not to cry over spilt milk has obviously never pumped 6 ounces and then accidentally dumped it!"  So true!!!!


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