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Happy Thanksgiving!  I have so much to be thankful for!  I am thankful to be spending my first holiday season as a Mom.  I am thankful for the little bundle of joy that has made me a Mom.  I am thankful for my husband who is the Dad to my bundle of joy.  But there is so much more . . .

I have been so blessed this year.  I had a healthy, full-term pregnancy and a safe delivery to a beautiful baby boy.  Castiél has been a wonderful baby - the perfect baby.  He is healthy and happy.  He has taken to nursing well, which has allowed me a phenomenal bonding experience and saved me a lot of money on formula!

I have a wonderful husband who lovingly cares for the baby at home while I go to work.  I always knew he was very nurturing, but he is a more amazing Dad than even I thought he would be!  He takes care of so many things so I don't have to think about them - I am truly loved!

I am thankful for my job - I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy my colleagues.  I have great bosses, from the build…

Breastmilk Storage

I've written a blog on Breastfeeding Tips, so I thought I'd also share how I store my stockpiled breast milk.

First of all, I try to give Castiél the freshest breast milk, so during the week, he drinks the milk I pumped on the previous day.  The only day he gets frozen milk is on Mondays; however, for the first few months I pumped on Saturday and Sunday mornings and that is what he had on Mondays.

During the week I end up freezing some of milk he has left over at the end of the day, and I also freeze all of the milk pumped on Friday.  Because I also pumped and froze during my maternity leave, I have quite a stockpile of frozen milk!

I use Nuk Storage Bags.  I label the number of ounces and the date pumped.  

I always lay the bags flat to freeze so that they are more easily stored.  

I have found that Sterilite ice trays are a perfect fit for the bags!  I am able to put the milk in order by date into the ice trays for storage in the freezer.  I have some milk frozen in my mo…