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From a Week to a Month

So THREE weeks ago, I wrote a blog trying to set goals for a week and I still haven't accomplished them all!  
Personal GoalWrite a blog on virtual education and on breastfeeding (what is on my mind right now).
Spiritual GoalRead the Bible daily. (almost every day)
School Goal Read one book off of the Helen Ruffin Book Competition list (this week: Five Flavors of Dumb) and write questions for the book The Morgue and Me.  Pinterest Goal (in order to make Pinterest more than a time-waster)
Make a daily shower cleaner.
Scrapbooking GoalGet up-to-date on the journaling in my Project Life album. 
I didn't have white vinegar in order to make the shower cleaner, but I bought that today (hooray!), and I worked one night on my Project Life album.  Although I didn't get completely caught up, I made some progress.  
I have decided to make MONTHLY goals.  I think that will be much more attainable for me at this point. 
Here are my October goals:
Personal goal: Write a blog on virtual educa…