Weekly Goals 9-12 to 9-19

After reading The Money Saving Mom's blog post on setting goals, I have decided to do this for myself.  At this point in my life, I feel like my major goal is to spend time with Castiél whenever I can; however, there are other things that need to be done.  Also, there are times that he is sleeping (like now).  :)

For now I am setting ONE goal per area of my life:

Personal Goal
Write a blog on virtual education and on breastfeeding (what is on my mind right now).

Spiritual Goal
Read the Bible daily.

School Goal
Read one book off of the Helen Ruffin Book Competition list (this week: Five Flavors of Dumb) and write questions for the book The Morgue and Me.  

Pinterest Goal (in order to make Pinterest more than a time-waster)

Scrapbooking Goal
Get up-to-date on the journaling in my Project Life album. 

We will see how I do this week!  :)


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