What I Wore Wednesday: Vacation Edition

So this is my first week of WIWW since Castiél was born.  I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy.  :)

I'm nearly back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but not quite into all my clothes yet, which creates some issues with my wardrobe.  Nursing is also creating a wardrobe wrinkle as I have to consider access with every outfit.  I usually wear a nursing tank top under regular shirts so I can breastfeed without showing my entire belly, but that gets hot in July.

We went on vacation last week to Orlando, which was GREAT!  We got to see the final shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral and introduced Castiél to family and friends who live in Florida.

Vacation Day 1:  Shuttle launch

Vacation Day 2:  to Orlando
(I just recently figured out that this skirt is black and white and not navy and white!)

Vacation Day 3:  
My best accessory?  Castiél!!!  :)

Vacation Day 4: A visit with a friend 
We went to have dinner with Lea Andrew, a good friend. 
She also has a great blog - www.freetobelea.com
Check it out!!!

Vacation Day 5: Hanging out at Gaylord Palms
New skirt from Old Navy - 75% off clearance!

 Vacation Day 6:  
I love this outfit - all Old Navy. 
I got the shirt for $1.97 off a clearance rack, 
and the skirt is a hand-me-down from a friend!

Vacation Day 7:  Going home (????)
This was supposed to be the outfit I went home in - more on that travel drama here
Shirt: a maternity shirt holdout
Pants:  Old Navy - from 75% clearance sale!


Paige said…
You look great! I agree, your baby boy is the best acessory. Congrats!
KKSorrell said…
Cute!!! Very fashionable!

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