Baby Items I Wish I Had Bought

Registering for baby stuff was the most overwhelming thing I had ever done.  There is SO much to choose from, and I had no idea what was necessary and what was not.  I talked to a lot of my "mommy" friends, but you just don't know until you you have a baby what you will really need and what is just superfluous "stuff."  These are the items I wish I would have gotten.  Some of them are rather superfluous, but they would have been useful to me.  They may be items I buy if I have another baby.

Bright Starts Pack and Play -- We were blessed to be given a very nice Pack and Play, and we have used it both at home and on vacation with much success.  What I like about this specific Bright Starts Pack and Play is that it has an adjustable height mattress, so you don't have to bend down nearly to the floor to put your baby in and out of.  The mattress also adjusts to a 45 degree angle, which is helpful if your baby has gas.  I read in a magazine that you could put books under the legs of your crib to create a 45 degree angle, but I just don't trust that!  Finally, it has a changing table with it, which would be very helpful when using it on vacation.  The pattern is also non-obnoxious.  If I had another baby, I would consider using this in lieu of a crib for at least a few months.

Arms Reach Co-Sleeper -- In the early weeks of breastfeeding, this would have been so helpful.  There were many times I brought Castiél to bed with me, and this would have been much safer and more convenient.  I would probably use this instead of a bassinet in my bedroom for the first two months or so.  After about two months, I don't think it would be necessary.  I didn't get this item this time, because it had already been about a month when I realized just how helpful it would have been.  I would probably get the miniature sized one due to cost and space if I bought one.

Baby Swing - We looked and looked and looked at baby swings.  This was one item I just wasn't convinced was necessary.  I now think it would be helpful to have somewhere else to put your baby where he will be entertained and you can do some things - such as go to the bathroom!  :)  We just didn't like any of the swings we saw online or in stores.  I wish I would have seen this Fisher Price swing - it is what we were looking for.  We were looking for the old style swings (like the crankup ones), but all we saw were swings that were basically car seats on a swing very low to the ground.  I like that this one converts from a glider to a traditional swing.  I really wish we had this swing right now!

Newborn Boppy Lounger -- This is probably one of those items that falls in the category of "unnecessary."  However, since I already have a regular Boppy, I will probably buy this if I have another baby.  Castiél now fits in the regular boppy and can "lounge" in it, but as a newborn, he just slid out of it.  It would have been nice to have somewhere to lay him on the couch next to us or on the bed.

A Different Bouncer Seat -- We got the Infantino Fold and Go Bouncer Seat because we liked the pattern and the fact that it could be folded and put away.  However, the vibrating mechanism broke - we returned it and it broke again.  Like within 2 uses!  So it must be a defect in the manufacturing.  My mom had a bouncer seat that had been given to us, and Castiél liked it - it laid back further and seemed to vibrate more.  This Fisher-Price Coco Sorbet Comfy Time Bouncer is what I would like to try next.  The only problem I see with it is that it seems rather short in the legs - like a baby might outgrow it quickly.

Activity Seat - I have actually yet to buy an activity seat.  Castiél isn't big enough for them yet, and they are so bulky I haven't gotten one yet.  I just saw this one on Amazon, and I am very intrigued.  It is portable, and can be folded up (always a bonus for us!).  It is also about half the price of traditional activity seats.  We would have to put our own toys on it, but I think that would be fine.  The portability I think makes up for that fact.


KKSorrell said…
Really good observations! I did not know about the new Boppy Lounger - that looks cool! And I like the co-sleeping crib thing. I could have used that! I'm with you on the swing thing. We had a taller swing like the one in the picture. I remember putting the babies in it while I took a shower! As for an activity seat or exersaucer, my kids loved ours.

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