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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

I'm almost afraid to address this very controversial issue on my blog, but since it is an issue I am dealing with right now, it's hard not to talk about it.

Castiél's two month doctor's visit was this week, and we declined/delayed the scheduled vaccinations for today.  I have always been a bit wary of the high number of vaccinations.  There are so many more vaccines today than there were when I was a baby.  I also don't like the vaccine "cocktails" that contain more than one vaccine in one shot.  I have been very confused about what to do about vaccines, and that is why we decided to at least delay the vaccinations - we just felt like we needed additional time to do some research.

After the appointment we headed to Books-a-Million and I bought The Vaccine Bookby Dr. Sears.  I would highly recommend this book.  It clearly states that it is not an anti-vaccine book, and it isn't.  It is a very informative source that breaks down each vaccine and tells…

What I Wore Wednesday: Vacation Edition

So this is my first week of WIWW since Castiél was born.  I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy.  :)

I'm nearly back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but not quite into all my clothes yet, which creates some issues with my wardrobe.  Nursing is also creating a wardrobe wrinkle as I have to consider access with every outfit.  I usually wear a nursing tank top under regular shirts so I can breastfeed without showing my entire belly, but that gets hot in July.

We went on vacation last week to Orlando, which was GREAT!  We got to see the final shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral and introduced Castiél to family and friends who live in Florida.

Vacation Day 1:  Shuttle launch
Vacation Day 2:  to Orlando (I just recently figured out that this skirt is black and white and not navy and white!)
Vacation Day 3:   My best accessory?  Castiél!!!  :)
Vacation Day 4: A visit with a friend  We went to have dinner with Lea Andrew, a good friend.  She also has a great blog - Check it out!!!

Trite Cliches: When Life Gives you Lemons

Life is full of trite cliches, and I plan on examining a few on my blog.  The first one is one of the most famous:  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, which means make the best of what life gives you.  Well, at the end of our recent vacation, we had the opportunity to put this cliche into action.

We decided to delay our return home to Georgia a few hours so that we could visit with my cousin and his wife, giving them the opportunity to meet Castiél.  We ended up getting on the road at about 5 pm, the afternoon thunderstorm time in Central Florida.  As we got on the interstate, the rain was coming down really hard, but it was only slowing us down a little.  However, before we were on the road for an hour, our windshield wipers broke.  It's not that they stopped working, they came off the track and the wiper in front of the driver started going off the window.  The middle of a thunderstorm is not the place for your windshield wipers to become ineffective.

We pulled off the …

Baby Items I Wish I Had Bought

Registering for baby stuff was the most overwhelming thing I had ever done.  There is SO much to choose from, and I had no idea what was necessary and what was not.  I talked to a lot of my "mommy" friends, but you just don't know until you you have a baby what you will really need and what is just superfluous "stuff."  These are the items I wish I would have gotten.  Some of them are rather superfluous, but they would have been useful to me.  They may be items I buy if I have another baby.

Bright Starts Pack and Play -- We were blessed to be given a very nice Pack and Play, and we have used it both at home and on vacation with much success.  What I like about this specific Bright Starts Pack and Play is that it has an adjustable height mattress, so you don't have to bend down nearly to the floor to put your baby in and out of.  The mattress also adjusts to a 45 degree angle, which is helpful if your baby has gas.  I read in a magazine that you could put bo…

Parenting Book Frustration

Parenting should be easy, well, maybe not easy, but it should come naturally.In some ways it does, I know instinctively what to do – when my baby cries, I pick him up and tend to his needs.I know how to rock, swing, and jiggle him so that he is happy. I can provide for both his nutritional needs and his need for comfort withmy own body.What makes parenting confusing is the proliferation of parenting books.
I have to admit – I am a nerd.I love to read books, both fiction and nonfiction.So I am a sucker for parenting books.I want to make sure I am doing things “right” even if I am following my natural mothering instincts.The problem is, the definition of “right” varies from book to book in the parenting genre of the bookstore.This can be very frustrating to a nerd like me who wants to do things “by the book.”
Let’s talk a little about the books.A colleague and friend gave me the book Baby 411 because it had been her favorite with her recent newborn experience.I really like this book, as …

What Vacation is For

Vacation is for forgetting that you have to return to work in two weeks.
Vacation is for dreaming big dreams for the future . . . even if some of them are pipe dreams.
Vacation is for pretending you have your life all together, even when you don’t.
Vacation is for forgetting about the gigantic to-do list you have at home.
Vacation is for time to think about things . . . or to think about nothing at all.
Vacation is for seeking out new and different experiences . . . searching for adventure even in the mundane.
And THIS time, vacation is for showing off your adorable new baby boy!!!