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Adventures in Bedtime

Castiél is 6 weeks old, and for the last week I've been trying to start a bedtime ritual.  I know it's a little early, but it seems to be working.

We start with bathtime, which Castiél enjoys.  He likes looking at that purple octopus on the Fisher Price bathtub.  At first he really didn't like the getting out part - I guess it was the sudden temperature change.  He's better now, but still not loving the lotion rubdown!

We then move on to the bedtime story - At this point the reading is more for me than him, but I just pick a short picture book to read.  Sometimes he's upset from the lotion ritual to settle down with a book.  Maybe I'll move the book time to before bath time.  I'm just trying to establish the ritual at this point.

Finally I nurse him and rock him to sleep and lay him down in the crib.  And yes, we've started laying him on his tummy.  I know it's a no-no, but he can roll from his tummy to his back and he has a lot of head strength. …

Digital versus Traditional Scrapbooking

So I am considering moving away from traditional scrapbooking to a more digital approach.  I have always been intrigued by digital scrapbooking but have shied away from it for several reasons:

I was afraid the cost/trouble of printing the finished product would negate the savings of not buying supplies. I doubted my technical ability to use the programs I would need to use.  I have unsuccessfully tried to teach myself Photoshop several times.  I simply didn't know where to begin.  My biggest issue now is the third one - where to begin.  This year I bought Becky Higgins Project Life scrapbook kit, and I love it.  She also makes a digital version of the kit, which might be how dip my toe in the waters of digital scrapbooking next year.  
Now as to the why.  Why do I want to change to a digital format of scrapbooking?  The biggest issue at this point is space.  I don't have the space for all the "stuff" that traditional scrapbooking requires - mostly the space to scrapboo…

Waiting on Your Smile

Castiél - From the very beginning I have enjoyed watching your smiles while you were sleeping.  I've been waiting and waiting for you to give me a "real smile" when you were awake and aware that you were smiling.

And then this morning when I was rocking you and you were in and out of dreamland, you let out a giggle - a real laugh-out-loud.  It was adorable and it melted my heart.  Now I'm just as ready to hear your first giggle.

But don't be in too big of a rush . . . I can wait.  I don't want you to grow up too fast!


Well, Castiél is one month old today!  I can't believe I've been a mom for a month already - in some ways it feels like it has been forever, and in other ways it has flown by.  I waited a long time to have a baby, and even when I was pregnant I was unsure about the whole mommy thing.  I've never been very nurturing and I just didn't know how I would adjust to motherhood.  I just couldn't imagine how our lives would be with a baby.  So now?

I've never been happier - or more exhausted!  :)  Thankfully, I have an awesome husband who helps so I can get sleep both at night and during the day, but he can't feed Castiél, which is what I spend most of my time doing.  He eats every hour and half or so during the day and two hours at night, so sometimes it feels like non-stop nursing.  Although I really enjoy nursing more than I thought I would, I am looking forward to when he goes a little longer between feedings.

I just love him to pieces and could spend most of …

Baby Essentials - Volume 1

So, I'm not that experienced of a Mom, having only been one for 3 weeks, but I have found a few products that we have found to be indispensable.  Enough of my friends are pregnant that I thought I would share these products in a blog.  :)

aden + anais swaddles - These blankets are GREAT!  They are lightweight for swaddling, which is especially great for summer in Georgia.  Castiél loves being swaddled and sleeps much better when he is; however, we were using flannel or heavy cotton blankets that were quite hot.  We found these blankets and they are perfect.  They are large enough to double over for sufficient swaddling, and they are super soft.  They can also be used for a number of other uses, such as a nursing cover (although I haven't used them for that - they are a bit thin, not too sure about that!), burp cloth, stroller cover, and any other use you can come up with for a soft blanket.

Boppy nursing pillow -- I almost didn't put this one here becuase it seems like a no…