You know you are in your 3rd trimester when. . .

  1. You drop something on the floor and take some serious time thinking about whether it is worth picking up.  
  2. You understand that you can have a full esophagus and an empty stomach at the same time. 
  3. You realize that your current nighttime bathroom visits will roughly coordinate with future nighttime baby feedings.  
  4. You realize you have left behind the "cute" stage of pregnancy.  
  5. You seriously consider moving into the bathroom just to save the constant trips . . . complete with pillow, sleeping bag, snacks, TV, laptop, books, and anything else important to survival.  
  6. You long for a catheter. 
  7. You eat Tums like candy.
  8. People continually tell you that you look like you are about to  "pop" - as if you were a giant zit. 
  9. When hearing your due date, people respond by saying, "You're not going to make it!" 
  10. You stop wearing shoes that tie because you can't reach them. 
  11. You actually read the "Labor and Delivery" chapters in pregnancy books. 
  12. Your cute little "innie" belly button becomes an "outie"
  13. You are getting used to the feeling of having a kickboxer inside of you. It's funny what becomes normal after a while. 
  14. "Comfortable" is a relative term.  
  15. Pillows are your new best friend.  
  16. You wonder if you can convince them to shave your legs when you get a pedicure.
  17. People become very friendly -- strangers stop you to talk and ask about your due date, etc.
  18. You start paying attention to when there are full moons -- just in case.
  19. You have forgotten what it feels like to NOT be pregnant.
  20. Your maternity clothes -- even the big ones -- don't fit anymore. 


Ang said…
Love it! So true. Almost done hang in their girlie
Ashlie Pullen said…
Love it! I remember those days!! I remember making Brad shave my legs, because I didn't want to go into labor with hairy legs :) I also remember I had to wear dresses because none of my pants would stay up, they would roll down around my waist. I definitely remember being tempted to just use a catheter, it seemed so much more simple than having to have Brad roll me out of bed 5-6 times a night! Enjoy these last days, it will be over and you will forget all about may actually want to do it again one day! :)
KKSorrell said…
Hilarious! Love this post! You're almost there!

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