WIWW - 36 weeks!!!

Well, the end is in sight!!!  I'm 36 weeks and in less than a month this pregnancy will be over and a little baby will be here!!!  These pictures are from the last two weeks, at this point I have no idea what day I wore what.  I guess it doesn't matter much.

All of my pants were starting to get a little tight, plus, I really didn't have a pair of khakis to wear, so while we were in Florida for Spring Break, I found these great linen pants at Motherhood Maternity.  They are SO comfortable!!!!  After hemming them about 5 inches I was able to wear them!  And I wear them a LOT!  :)

For more pictures of the nursery, read this post.  :)

Well, this might be the last week I do What I Wore Wednesday for a while.  It's been a while because I haven't had the energy to take pictures and keep up with it, and now that the countdown is on, I just don't feel that creative in my clothing, so I'm pretty much wearing the same thing over and over!  

But keep checking back!  I'll definitely be blogging and posting pics once the baby gets here!!!!  :)


Michele said…
36 wks!!! WOW! You look great! The linen pants are too cute. Rest while you can, and I can't wait to see pics of your new little one. Blessings to you and your sweet family!!!
Ashlie Pullen said…
I cannot wait to meet Chico!!!
KKSorrell said…
You are just shining!

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