Holy Week

So it's the beginning of Holy Week, and I have to admit - I don't feel all that "holy."  I feel very distracted . . . the entire Lenten season has pretty much passed by without much notice from me this year.

There are several reasons for this.  #1 -- We have been so focused on getting the nursery completed before the baby comes that all of our energy and time has gone there.  #2 -- I wasn't proactive in giving anything up for Lent or doing anything in particular to celebrate the season.  #3 -- Pregnancy in general is a distraction from most other things (in my experience).

I'm thinking it would be nice to be at this stage of pregnancy around Christmas.  I think instead of distracting me from the holiness of the holiday, it would draw me closer to the story of the Nativity and Incarnation.  I don't know - maybe I'm just making excuses.  I didn't feel any closer to God this past Christmas when I was pregnant.

I really don't have much else to say about this except that it's something I noticed today. . . and I wonder, is it wrong to let this season pass without notice?

I now know why people make sacrifices during Lent - otherwise, the busy-ness of our lives tends to take up our time and distract us from the entire Easter season.  Sometimes I have thought it was mindless Christian tradition; however, I think when done with the right intentions, self-sacrifice during Lent can really help to focus on on the sacrifice that Christ made for us and help lead us toward the celebration of Easter.

I hope that next year when Ash Wednesday rolls around, I will remember my thoughts from this year and choose to be intentional in my walk with Christ during Lent and Easter.


Karissa said…
I think you're right in that focusing on Lent really does help us prepare our hearts for Easter. That said, I've done a terrible job of truly taking part in Lent (at least Orthodox-wise). We've fasted fairly well, but there are tons of church services during Lent, and I've missed them all (except Sundays). Life is just busy right now!! I keep telling myself: There will be more Lents and more Easters. It's okay. However, even if we haven't done as much as we wanted to for Lent, God can still speak to us and renew us this week!

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